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Surveillance Services

When you need to know the daily routine or interactions of a specific subject, you need to hire a team with the experience to get the job done right. Whether you believe your subject has been acting strangely, or if you simply have doubts and would like to know the truth, our team is here to provide you with the answers you need.

We will provide you with a free consultation in order to understand your specific needs and provide you with valuable insight on the correct investigation type for you, maybe surveillance would not be the best course of action, and there might be a better service to suit your specific needs.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Cheating Spouse investigations can often times be a touchy subject, both for you and your partner. With emotions running amok, it can be a potentially dangerous situation for all parties involved. This is why we recommend you hire a professional third party to ensure everyone safety and reduce the liability placed upon you.

Our cheating spouse investigation services serve to answer the general questions you might have. If you believe your partner is lying about their whereabouts, or if you think they might be cheating on you, a cheating spouse investigation might be the best course of action to take. We will conduct a consultation with you prior to the investigation in order to better understand the specific details in your case. We will also provide you with red flags to look for in order to help you make the correct decision.

We understand that these investigation can be incredibly sensitive and we promise to uphold your privacy during the investigation. The last thing we want, is for word to get out that you hired a private investigator to conduct a surveillance on your spouse. We guarantee that we will never share your information with anyone except you.

Child Custody Investigations

When you are dealing with a divorce involving children, child custody battles are often times the most tiring and emotionally damaging parts of the ordeal. It is more easy now than ever to lose track of why you are even in this battle with your ex spouse. We are here to ensure your child will be placed in the household where he will be under the best care.

We take child custody cases very seriously and our primary objective is to ensure the safety of your child. We will conduct surveillance on your ex spouse during their assigned visitation and work to uncover any potentially dangerous situations your child might be exposed to.

Our team will be there to ensure your child will not be exposed to unlawful activity, abuse, neglect, dangerous environments, and dangerous associations. Once the investigation has concluded, all the evidence gathered will be provided to you in a comprehensive court ready report. Our team will also be able to testify their findings on your behalf upon request.

Inheritance Asset Investigations

An Inheritance Asset Investigation can provide you with information regarding any inheritance assets that you believe have been undiscovered. Our team of investigators has access to some of the largest databases within the United States which we use in order to locate any properties, bank accounts, or other valuable assets which you could be entitled to.

If you need information regarding unclaimed inheritance assets that you believe you are entitled to, our team is here to help make sure the end up in the right hands.

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